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In honor of tomorrow's TPT "Teachers Are Heroes" sale, I'm linking up with Fifth in the Middle and to showcase products that have saved the day!

One of the most amazing things about TPT is that my resources are benefiting real students in real classroom all across the country - the world even! I recently had feedback that a teacher in the Netherlands used one of my products successfully in her classroom.  How cool is that?!

So which of my products has saved the day for teachers?  I was blessed to have my Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe 8-day Common Core Aligned Short Story Unit featured in the TPT newsletter, so it was able to reach many teachers and I am amazed by the positive feedback it received.

As a teacher who went through my undergraduate coursework as Common Core was coming into existence, I have always viewed teaching a short story through a Common Core lens.  For me, I don't believe in your basic unit of comprehension questions, vocabulary, and a comprehension test. I make my short story units cohesive, with higher-order text dependent questions, a focus on inferring and citing evidence, inferring vocabulary through context clues, and a short related research project.

 Check out how my unit has helped save the day for other teachers:

Don't forget that tomorrow, 2/25, this product will be on sale for 20% off! Use the code HEROES at check out for additional savings!

Swing on by to Fifth in the Middle and find other products that have saved the day!

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